How we work is very simple; our three-phase workflow takes your business from the information gathering stage to the solution generation stage

Stage 1


At this stage which is the first stage, we’ll create a Radical Innovation Lab which will be charged with the collection and collation of ideas from your employees, customers, vendors, market scans, in-depth research and every other stakeholder or factor that has a direct relationship with your business.

Stage 2


At this stage which we call the Disruption stage, a small team of highly creative and innovative persons will be set up. This is named the Disruption Team and will be made up of individuals from the IT, Finance, Sales, Operations and HR departments. This team will dedicate approximately 1 hour per week to the course, and their ethos will include to break the rules and dream big, open doors and listen, trust and be trusted, experiment and iterate collaboratively, err, fail and persist, pay it forward amongst others. The sole aim of this team will be to digest the gathered information and come up with ideas.

Stage 3


At this stage, the disruption committee would vet the ideas to ensure the most creative and feasible ideas are generated. Each selected idea is intensely explored following a systematic process which involves a stop/go mechanism built in for each stage.

An idea generated with our process is formidable enough to drive your business through competition and industrial revolutions
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Creative Concept


Concept prototype

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Creation of business case


Implementation and deployment strategy


Concept/business case approval

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Marketing/PR strategy


Fast Star result-oriented process, which considers every significant variable, is structured to yield the best results. Our process starts from the collection of ideas and precedes the product launch to ensure you achieve a long term sustainable, competitive and evolving business.
If we must prepare you for the future; We must be ready to take you there!

Our process involves;

  1. Collection of Ideas: Fast Star sets up and manages idea generation and management tools which ensure the right ideas are generated.

  2. Validation of Ideas: Fast Star facilitates meetings with the disruption committee to validate ideas against set criteria.

  3. Concept Creation: Fast Star assists with the creation of concepts, product scoping and development.

  4. Business Case: Fast Star assists with creating a business case for the concept and presenting it to the management for approval.

  5. Prototype: Fast star assists with creating, testing and analyzing a prototype as well as undertaking a build, buy, partner analytic process.

  6. Product Launch: Fast Star assists with the product launch strategy including managing tasks and facility regular WIP/Scrum meetings


We don’t just stop there!

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